Enjoy the finest painted clothes that help you rise your own vibration and feel special every day. Tales of Design brings to the international market painted clothes and accessories with very good quality materials. We are proud of our paintings that bring originality and inventiveness. In each painting we integrate sacred symbols and each cloth is meant to work on a particular part of the body, depending on the color we used and the painted design.

Our clothes and accessories are the first thing you need to start raising your vibration. They can be worn daily depending on your mood or you can offer a wonderful gift to your friends and family. They will certainly appreciate such a personalized gift. We create our products with lots of love and passion and this can be seen in the final result.

We wish you to feel the warmth of our soul and the joy with which we offer you these wonderful creations! We hope you enjoy our collections and encourage you to buy what resonates with your soul!

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