The Essential Experience course teaches how to activate spiritual intelligence, the superior dimension of our intelligence, using secular science-based principles. This nine week course is made up of weekly videos and fortnightly live mentoring sessions.

Who is this course for?

The Essential Experience course is for people who want a secular introduction to spirituality. Many people who seek a spiritual understanding of life are faced with a confusing multitude of different religious and spiritual traditions, many of which offer contradictory or incompatible approaches and recommendations. It can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why it’s particularly useful to have a secular understanding of spirituality based on the underlying psychological process common to all forms of spiritual practice. This course therefore represents generic spirituality, founded on experiential reality, prior to the superimposition of beliefs and interpretations.

The Essentials Experience course is also for anyone who wants an introduction to the third millennium paradigm, in the form of secular spirituality, which is superseding the paradigms of the previous two millennia, in the form of theism and materialism.

This course is therefore for anyone who has ever despaired about life because of the apparent purposelessness and meaninglessness of existence when seen from the prevailing materialist perspective of mainstream culture.

The Essential Experience course meets the needs of wellness programs and mental health programs by providing a powerful transpersonal framework for solving human problems in the union of body, mind, and soul.

The Essential Experience reconnects with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, beyond the ego, and provides access to the inherent human capacity for joy, aliveness, and happiness.

3Q Essentials Online Course

When you activate a higher dimension of intelligence, you gain access to the qualities and capabilities of your higher self. You can use the method taught in the 3Q Essentials online course to shift from ego to soul and activate your spiritual intelligence. This enables you to live your best life – to think better, feel better, relate better, and perform better.

Secular Methodology

Spiritual intelligence is a practice and a philosophy that enriches your life, builds better organisations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. The 3Q Essentials online course teaches how to use a simple secular method to activate your spiritual intelligence, and incorporate it in your daily life.