Hand-Painted T-Shirt – Angel Guidance

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Angels are light beings that that guide us all the way, whether we realize this, or not. They are the bridge between the Divine world and us, human beings. They are symbols of Divine awareness, purity, love, faith, courage, compassion, perseverance, interrelating, renewal, protection, illumination.

We created this “Angel Guidance” T-Shirt because we want you to feel protected and guided, so you find your purpose in life.


We want you to be aware of the signs and messages that Angels give you.  They are an energetic channel facilitating communication between you the Divine. They communicate with us all the time. Maybe you asked a question and in 10 min you see a message on a street, on TV, or on your news feed. Or you have a doubt about something and someone comes and tells you the answer, without asking him. Or you see over and over again the same word or message. Those are the kind of signs Angels give to guide us. Trust these signs and you will see miracles in your life.


This T-Shirt has a very soft and pleasant touch. The reason is the high-quality fabric that was used to make it. We chosed this T-Shirt because is very trendy. It is a round collar fitted t-shirt with V opening on front. The half-sleeve T-shirt features a fitted cut ideal for combining sport or casual situations. Washing and drying are very easy.

The paint we use is a high-quality, professional, water-based paint, very resistant to washing. The painting has a very pleasant, supple and fine feel to the touch.


In order to enjoy as much as possible the benefits of this T-Shirt, please keep in mind these maintenance instructions. To avoid damaging the T-Shirt or the painting, it is recommended that the product is washed to a maximum of 30 ͦ C. Do not dry it in the dryer, avoid dry cleaning (chemical) and only iron it at a medium temperature (maximum 150 ͦ C). In the painting area, iron down the back or with some other material above.


We pay attention to each product and we individually paint every piece of clothing, giving authenticity and originality to our collections. All paintings are made by hand in our workshop and it’s possible that the product you receive will look slightly different than the one shown in the photos, either in hue or in shape.


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