Hand-Painted T-Shirt – Feminine Power

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“Feminine Power” is a T-Shirt that we created to activate your femininity. When you embrace your femininity, you empower yourself with all that is good in life. The woman is the source that creates and gives birth.  She is the source of creativity, she is the source of life.

This T-Shirt is meant to make you feel more feminine and to remind you every time you wear it, to activate your femininity. This is manifested through love, compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance and peace. And all of these are inside you, and only you can activate them.


In a world where the job market encourages men behaviors and skills, the women tend to struggle a lot. We tend to lose our femininity and this affects our love relationship, mother role, and creativity. Femininity is associated with gender roles, sensitivity, tenderness, empathy, intuition, creativity, loyalty, compassion.

“Feminine Power” is a T-Shirt with a strong message: “Find your inner strength – your feminine strength”. A love relationship is a perfect balance between feminine and masculine energy. If you tend to be more masculine than feminine, your relationship will be affected. The more feminine power you will unleash, the more your partner, lover or husband will regain his masculinity.

Remember: You are the one who can change your relationship! You are the one who can empower your loved one to be more masculine, more prosperous, more like the head of the family.

Rediscover your femininity and let this T-Shirt help you do this!


This T-Shirt has a very soft and pleasant touch. The reason is the high-quality fabric that was used to make it. We chosed this T-Shirt because is very trendy. It is a round collar fitted t-shirt with V opening on front. The half-sleeve T-shirt features a fitted cut ideal for combining sport or casual situations. Washing and drying are very easy.

The paint we use is a high-quality, professional, water-based paint, very resistant to washing. The painting has a very pleasant, supple and fine feel to the touch.


In order to enjoy as much as possible the benefits of this T-Shirt, please keep in mind these maintenance instructions. To avoid damaging the T-Shirt or the painting, it is recommended that the product is washed to a maximum of 30 ͦ C. Do not dry it in the dryer, avoid dry cleaning (chemical) and only iron it at a medium temperature (maximum 150 ͦ C). In the painting area, iron down the back or with some other material above.


We pay attention to each product and we individually paint every piece of clothing, giving authenticity and originality to our collections. All paintings are made by hand in our workshop and it’s possible that the product you receive will look slightly different than the one shown in the photos, either in hue or in shape.


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