Hand-Painted T-Shirt – Set Yourself Free

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The message of this T-Shirt is freedom and balance. The bird is the symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. It represents the freedom and happiness that dwell in the depth of your soul and which does not bear any constraints.

This T-Shirt inspires you to let yourself live free, to accept life as it is, and to make a heaven of what you have. I’ve also integrated two staggered symbols: the symbol of gratitude and the “Nurture yourself” symbol.


The symbol of gratitude we have incorporated in painting on this T-Shirt has the role of reminding you how important it is to be grateful for everything you have in your life and to attract what we are. If we manifest with love, then we will receive love. If we manifest ourselves with hatred, envy, fear, we will receive what we spread around us.

The “Nurture yourself” symbol has the role of reminding you that sometimes you criticize yourself too much or that you are very hard on yourself. In some cases, you see only what you have done wrong and too little of what did very well. That’s why I urge you to start taking care of yourself, to love and appreciate yourself more!

When you wear this shirt, remember how wonderful and loving you are. And remember that love comes from the inside to the outside and not the other way around. You begin to love and accept yourself as who you are, without waiting for others to give you, outwardly, their love. Love yourself first, and then you will see how everybody else will love you too. Allow yourself to be as you feel like being, not as your mother, father or husband want you to be. Everybody has the right to be happy, why not you too?

Feel free to be full of love and compassion towards you. This T-Shirt works a lot on the heart chakra (Anahata) because of the green color I used. This color empowers self-confidence, courage, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. In addition to activating the heart chakra, this T-Shirt also activates the neck chakra (Vishuddha) with the blue color. She is responsible for communication and encourages you to communicate openly both with yourself and with those around you. Not speaking your mind is blocking this chakra, and some imbalances may appear in the thyroid, throat, tonsils, voice, etc.


We chose this T-Shirt for its soft and comfortable material. Thanks to the cut-out crown, this model highlights your silhouette, easily adapting to your body shape. The T-Shirt is refined with a soft collar at the base of the neck, with a gasket of side sewing. Washing and drying are very easy.

The paint we use is a high-quality, professional, water-based paint, very resistant to washing. The painting has a very pleasant, supple and fine feel to the touch.


In order to enjoy as much as possible the benefits of this T-Shirt, please keep in mind these maintenance instructions. To avoid damaging the T-Shirt or the painting, it is recommended that the product to be washed to a maximum of 30 ͦ C. Do not dry it in the dryer, avoid dry cleaning (chemical) and only iron it at a medium temperature (maximum 150 ͦ C). In the painting area, iron down the back or with some other material above.


We pay attention to each product and we individually paint every piece of clothing, giving authenticity and originality to our collections. All paintings are made by hand in our workshop and it’s possible that the product you receive will look slightly different than the one shown in the photos, either in hue or in shape.


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